Whistleblowing System

Whistleblowing System

The violation reporting system is implemented in order to maintain the reputation and increase the confidence of the stakeholders in the company. The complaints and recording system that forms part of this mechanism is carried out through communication to the Board of Directors and is carried out both ways both verbally and in writing in a consistent manner in each of the Company’s work units.

Protection Guarantee for Reporters

The Company provide protection for the Reporting Party and guarantee the confidentiality of its identity. Information related to the Reporter is well documented and may only be known by the President Director or Head of Internal Audit and the President Commissioner or Audit Committee.

Person who managed complaints:

  1. The President Director if reported is other than the Board of Directors.

        Complaints must be submitted via email :


  1. The President Commissioner if reported is the Board of Directors / Commissioner.

        Complaints must be submitted via email :


Number of Complaints Entered and Processed in 2020.

Throughout 2020, there were no incoming reports through the mechanism of the whistle blowing system. The Company continues to improve the socialization of the existence of a whistleblowing system to all employees so that the system can run more effectively.

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