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YEAR 2020-Polychem In Facing COVID - 19


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YEAR 2020-General Meeting of Shareholders and Public Expose


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YEAR 2019-General Meeting of Shareholders and Public Expose


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YEAR 2019-Management Review Meeting (RTM) and Brief Manager


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Year 2017 - News

In 2017 PT Polychem Indonesia, Tbk received 4 awards with different categories, including:

  1. Land and Building Tax PT Polychem Indonesia obtained the Award Charter for 2017 Tax and Earth and Building Payment on time.
  2. Environmentally Friendly Companies PT Polychem Indonesia Tbk. – Merak Plant was awarded as an environmentally friendly company with a good predicate in 2017
  3. Proper Blue Rank PT Polychem Indonesia Tbk. – Plant Merak received an award for the Implementation of Corporate Performance Rating Program (PROPER) with Blue Rank for the fourth time.
  4. A new standard of 100 with the Oeko Tex

Label STANDAR 100 by OEKO-TEX® is an independent product label for all types of textiles tested for hazardous materials – from yarn and fabric to ready-made goods. In January 2018, all companies must use the new STANDARD 100 label template for any communication purposes, including labeling ready-made products.

By getting the award, it reflects that PT Polychem Indonesia, Tbk is a very committed company.

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Year 2016 - News

On Thursday, September 8, 2016, PT Polychem Indonesia, Tbk was able to get an award, namely the 2016 Indonesia Human Capital Study in which PT Polychem Indonesia, Tbk received three awards at the moment, including:

  1. Best of CEO Commitment on Human Capital Development,
  2. Best Engagement (Basic Industry and Chemical Sector),
  3. Best of Human Capital Initiatives (Best Industrial Relationship Initiatives).

The appreciation was held at Rafflesia Grand Ballroom in Balai Kartini Jakarta with the theme “Employee Engagement: The Drive To Key Result.

On this occasion, Mr. Gautama Hartanto as President Director of PT Polychem Indonesia, Tbk was named the Best CEO Commitment on Human Capital.

In 2016 PT Polychem Indonesia not only received the Indonesia Human Capital Study award in 2016 PT Polychem Indonesia, Tbk also received a Blue Proper rank for 3 (Three) Periods. Proper is an Environmental Management Company Performance Rating Assessment Program developed by the Ministry of Environment (KLH) since 1995, to encourage companies to improve their environmental management.

The proper objective is to increase the role of the company in managing the environment while at the same time creating a stimulant effect in fulfilling environmental regulations and adding value to the maintenance of natural resources, energy conservation and community development. In this case PT Polychem Indonesia, Tbk the Peacock Factory became one of 1930 companies and from 111 types of industries participating in the 2015-2016 Proper Period.

In addition, PT Polychem also received an award from the Serang Regent, for its achievements and participation in the development of Serang Regency through the timely payment of Land and Building Taxes and received an award from the Serang Regent, as an Environment Friendly Company with a Good Predicate, for the efforts that have been made The Company in Environmental Management.

On December 15, 2016 at the Harris & Convention Hotel, the Citylink Festival, Bandung, was awarded the Properda Blue Rank for Karawan Factory. This national level Proper was submitted by BPLHD on 15 December 2016 to 151 companies in West Java. PT Polychem Indonesia Tbk won a positive performance report card in environmental management in the 2015-2016 period. The Blue Properda report card received by the Company is a tangible proof of the Company, to continue to maintain the commitment and maintain the environmental quality standards set by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia.

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Corporate Secretary Profile

Corporate Secretary

The main duty of the Company Secretary is to ensure that the company complies with and abides by the laws, regulations and stipulations in the capital market. In addition, the Company Secretary functions as the speaker in communicating policies and achievements of the Company to shareholders, investors, capital market analysts, mass media, the general public, government officials and capital market supervisor.

Corporate Secretary PT Polychem Indonesia Tbk, was appointed and dismissed on the basis of the decision of the Board of Directors dated 27 June 2016 and has implemented appropriate regulation of the Financial Services Authority, i.e. rule number 35/POJK. 04/2014 dated 8 December 2014 concerning the Corporate Secretary of Public Listed Companies

Chandra Tjong graduated from Department of Electrical Engineering of Krida Wacana Christian University (Ukrida) in 1993 and graduated from Mathematics and Natural Sciences Department of Chemistry of University of Indonesia in 1994. After graduating he joined PT. Polychem Indonesia since August 1994 in Tangerang Factory. With the expansion of the factory in 1996 in Karawang then he participated in polyester project development in Karawang and became Plant Manager at Karawang Plant in 2004. To improve the management skill, he continued his studies for  Master degree in Management majoring in Finance at Tarumangara University in mid of 2005 and graduated with summa cum laude predicate in 2007. In 2006 he was appointed as Purchasing Manager at head office and from 2008 until now was appointed as Local and Export Marketing Manager. In 2016 he was entrusted to be the Corporate Secretary of PT. Polychem Indonesia Tbk.

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At 3.15 PM, Friday, May 22, 2015 Mr. M. Hanif Dhakiri, Minister of Manpower and Transmigration arrived at the lobby of PT. Polychem Indonesia Tbk. – Karawang Plant to close Co-Class Training activity with the theme of Industrial Relations and Productivity, with participants from employers, unions, government. With Ministers appearance in a plain white dress shirt and black pants and straightforward way in giving the speech, the atmosphere becomes liquid.

  1. Polychem Indonesia Tbk. Karawang Plant which is located in Taman Niaga Prima Karawang, Wanasari Village, Teluk Jambe, Karawang, West Java, has been held Co-Class training which involving elements of industrial relations which are employers, employees and government, with the theme of Industrial Relations and Productivity.Co-Class Training was initiated by PT. Polychem Indonesia Tbk in collaboration with the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration and the United In Diversity (UID). Co-Class training was attended by representatives of employers and workers from several companies, namely PT Pindo Delis, PT Asia Pacific Fiber, PT World Yamatex Spinning Mills, PT Daya Cipta Kemasindo, PT INOAC, PT SSA Food Hall, PT PLI SOGO, PT Softex, PT Filamindo/PT SSJ, PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk., PT. Polychem Indonesia Tbk. While government representatives represented on Manpower – Jakarta and Manpower Agency Districts. As observers in the event are PT Bukit Baiduri Energi, PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk., and Polytechnic Gajah Tunggal.PT. Polychem Indonesia Tbk. is very concerned about industrial relations and sees it as an important role within a company because it determines the operational stability and focus of the company. One operational parameter is human resources (employees). Employees, like we know, very dynamic and unstable from time to time.

    The purpose of this activity is to synchronize perception or thought about industrial relations among all stakeholders, so that the objectives of each party could be communicated well and could decide decisions that a win-win solution, so that the common goal as the priority, namely Convenience & Progress of Business, Employees

    Welfare and Advancement of Government.

    In Co-Class Training, active participation of employers/management, labor and government are synergized together to solve the problem. It is based on the principles of rights, equality, justice and participation in decision-making. Methods are include, expression, democratic participation, playing games, role plays, ensure participants have the same opportunity to take part, and conflict resolution. The event was held for 3 days starting on 20 up to May 22, 2015 with the facilitator was United In Diversity (UID). Numbers of participants and invited guests were approximately 60 people.

    Industrial relations is involving employers/management, employees and governments in the dynamics of the industry, will interact with each other in line or otherwise counterproductive. Employees who represented by a union have differences of opinion in the interpretation of the rules by the management. Unions are principled “the main thing is”, while Management does not pay attention to the union and pays more attention to Disnaker

    s inputs only. In the other side, Disnaker is slow in responding to the complaint of the union. In summary this is the reason for all parties to sit together in a forum.

In this Co-Class, Training all parties agreed to develop a culture: Open Minded (open to receive input), Open Heart (The action begins with the heart), Open Will (there must be a willingness to solve the problem).

At the end of this activity, all participants took picture together with Mr. M. Hanif Dhakiri and signed a joint commitment, which is: “We strongly believe that a harmonious relationship will create a better common progress. Issues must be completed with our open hearts. The second family is where we spend time interacting with them every hour, day, month and even year”. Hopefully this activity is beneficial to employers, unions, and government so that the harmonious industrial relations could be realized.

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