Line of Business



Under article 3 of the Company’s Articles of Association Number 29 dated 14 July 2015 made by Notary Hilda Yulistiawati, SH in South Jakarta, defined that the purpose and objective and business activities of the company are to conduct business in the field of industry, trade, transportation, and services.

In order to achieve the purpose and objective, the Company may carry out these following business activities:

1. The main business activities of the Company :

      Carrying on business in industry field in general, includes spinning industry, tire fabric, organic basic chemicals producing specialty chemicals, other basic organic chemicals, artificial resin (synthetic resin) and plastic raw materials, fibers/yarns/strips of artificial filaments, artificial staple fibers, inorganic industrial basic chemicals as well as power plants.

 2. The supporting business activities of the Company :

  • Conduct trading business of the industrial goods referred to point a, including import, export, interinsular trading, whether for self-account or for the account of others based of commission or Act as supplier, wholesaler, purveyor, distributor, agent, representative of companies and or other legal entities both from domestic or foreign countries
  • Organize the transportation business (transportation and forwarding) of the industrial goods referred to in point a above, whether land transportation by bus and truck or by water transport in rivers and/or at sea and
  • Conducting business in the field of industrial consulting services.


Manufacturing of polyester chips, polyester filaments, engineering plastics, engineering resin, ethylene glycols, polyester staple fibers and petrochemicals, weaving, spinning and textile industry.


Ethylene glycols

The ethylene glycol plant produces one main product, mono-ethylene glycol (MEG), and two by-products, diethylene glycol (DEG) and tri-ethylene glycol (TEG). MEG is used as cooling and anti-freeze agent. DEG is used in the unsaturated polyester resin industry, brake fluid, and oil additives. TEG is used for natural gas drying process and chemical washing.


The Company produces pre-oriented polyester yarn (POY), polyester staple fiber (PSF), drawn texture yarn (DTY), and polyester chips. POY is a product that can be further manufactured in the downstream industry into polyester weaving and knitting materials. PSF is the main raw material used to produce spun yarn polyester, which is used for clothing and household goods. PSF is also used to produce carpets, toys, sleeping bags, padding, sports shoes, and baby diapers.

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