Internal Audit

Internal Audit

One of the duties of the Board of Directors is to ensure the effectiveness of the Company`s internal control system. For this reason, the Board of Directors forms a work unit tasked with carrying out internal control functions in the Company. The Internal Audit Function at PT Polychem Indonesia Tbk  is run by the Internal Audit Department, which is headed by the Head of Internal Audit who is responsible directly to the President Director. The appointment and dismissal of the Head of the Internal Audit Department is carried out by the Board of Directors with the approval of the Board of Commissioners.

Head of Internal Audit of PT Polychem Indonesia Tbk . Headed by Dharma Surjadi. He is an Indonesian citizen, appointed based on the Board of Commissioners` Decree and President Director`s Decree dated December 15, 2009. His experience before joining the company was to work in several national companies in the field of accounting and Internal Audit.

Internal Audit Charter

In carrying out the functions of Internal Audit and supervision, the Internal Audit Department has an Internal Audit Charter which is the basis for the Company`s Internal Auditor in 

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