Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) is an important asset for the sustainability of the Company’s business from its inception to the future.


Until December 31, 2021, PT Polychem Indonesia Tbk. Has 627 employees/man power compared to last year’s 1192 manpower, a decrease of 47% or 565 employees.

Employee Composition by Educational :
Lokasi Kerja/ Work Location SD / SMP Elementary/ Junior High School


Senior High School

Diploma /Diploma Strata 1/ Under Graduate Strata 2 / Graduate Total
Kantor Pusat/Head Office 5 24 9 55 8 101
Merak 31 397 19 73 6 526
Jumlah/Total 36 421 28 128 14 627


Employee Composition by Job Title:  
Lokasi Kerja/ Work Location



Manajer Umum/ General Manager



Asisten Manajer/ Assistant Manager





Kantor Pusat/Head Office 5 1 11 7 12 64 101
Merak 8 5 20 493 526
Jumlah/Total 5 1 19 13 32 557 627
Employee Composition by Age :
Rentang Usia/ Age Range



Perempuan/ Female



Persentase/ Percentage
< 30 Tahun/Years 93 4 97 15.5%
31-49 Tahun/Years 329 28 357 56.9%
> 50 Tahun/Years 151 22 173 27.6%
TOTAL 573 54 627 100%
Employee Composition Based on Employment Status :
Lokasi Kerja/ Work Location

Karyawan Tetap/

Permanent Employee

Karyawan Tidak Tetap/ Non Permanent Employee



Kantor Pusat

Head Office

84 17 101
Merak 410 116 526
TOTAL 494 133 627

Profile of Human Resources Skill, Leadership, Mental Attitude (SLS)

Through the SLS Competency Analysis (Skills, Leadership, Mental Attitudes) 2020 – 2021, which is routinely carried out every year, the Company wants to know the current strength of HR and also ensure that manpower can be controlled based on the number of man power against the Man Power Standard (MPS), compliance competence, and planning a regeneration program to fill a vacant position in each department.

In 2021 there will be developments, previously the Competency Level for all Positions now each position has its own Competency Level. So that it is easier to make an assessment by being connected to the Core Competency.

This analysis uses three aspects, namely Manpower Standard (MPS), Age Before Retirement (UMP), and Competencies consisting of: Skills, Leadership, Communication, Motivation and Proactivity.

The results of the SLS analysis will be used to map the strength of HR in the Company (Talent Mapping), the Regeneration program so that skills in each department are maintained, and the Learning & Development program to improve employee competencies and strategies for each Department. There are 4 recommended strategies including Strategy 1 (Hire Fresh Graduates), Strategy 2 (Hire Experience), Strategy 3 (Rehire Pension), Strategy 4 (Accelerate SLS).

Human Resources Recruitment

Realizing this strategy, the Company needs human resources who are competent, loyal and reliable to the Company. In preparing the human resources needed by the company, of course, the initial process, namely the recruitment process, is very important.

The Company requires experienced employees with the right abilities, skills and knowledge to fill key positions to maintain Plant Operations, internal references and links with universities.


In accelerating the recruitment process and making it easier to find candidates, we provide a website with the address: in 2020. With the use of technology, the Company can provide complete, efficient and easily accessible vacancy information for candidates throughout Indonesia and even abroad. Candidates can access and submit personal data from anywhere directly in real time.

Learning & Development Programs

The transformation carried out by PT. Polychem Indonesia Tbk, – Dept. HRD covers the entire training cycle, namely TNA, Design, Delivery and Evaluation.

The TNA process uses 4 (four) analyzed data as a reference, including;

  1. Mandatory Training of Job Description
  2. Data Skill, Leadership, and Mental Attitude (SLS)
  3. Data Performance Appraisal (PA)
  4. What They Need (WTN)


    Career Development

    To carry out a good and consistent company performance, all employees have the opportunity to be able to develop their careers. This is done so that each employee is able to optimize his potential to provide the best performance and bring up innovative works for the company

    Human Resources Performance Management System

    The Company in realizing a Performance Management System based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which is integrated in the Company’s Annual Business, the process has two main objectives.

    First, to support the achievement of the Company’s business goals and strategies by ensuring that the annual corporate KPIs are structured from top to bottom, down to the level of Divisions, Departments, Related Sections and finally Individual KPIs in the form of Idea Proposals from Employees.

    Second, as a means to set employee tasks and targets for the current year and ensure that they are inline with business objectives, as well as to provide a means for regular reviews, advice and regular guidance on work progress throughout the year, as well as to assess year-end performance. employees based on the criteria and performance benchmarks that have been made.


    Awards and Recognition

    The Company always strives to have an Award and Recognition program that can motivate and retain employees in a competitive and challenging environment to be the Company’s main priority in 2021.

    The Company has the following activities:

    1. Annual Selection of Exemplary Employees.
    2. Employee Term Award.
    3. Employee Children’s Award.
    4. Polychem Festival (Team competition in innovation).
    5. Trainer Incentives
    6. Soundrenaline (Band and music competition)
    7. GA&HR Competition
    8. Work Team Dynamics
    9. Family Gathering
    10. Hobby Sport Club

      Retirement Program

      To appreciate the contributions of its employees, the Company provides a Pension Program in accordance with applicable laws and a pension guarantee program organized by BPJS Ketenagakerjaan.

      Industrial Relations

      The Company ensures that industrial relations with the labor unions at the Merak Plant run well, the Government (Disnaker) and the local government are passionate about giving the best to the Company for mutual progress. Good relations are developed with formal and informal meetings on a regular basis to discuss plant operations with the spirit of openness prioritizing the Company’s goals

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