Dividend Policy

Dividend Policy Profit distribution and dividend distribution based on the Articles of Association of PT Polychem Indonesia Tbk: Article 24

1.       The Company`s net profit in a financial year as stated in the statement of financial position and statement of comprehensive income which has been approved by the Annual GMS and is a positive profit balance, divided according to the manner of use determined by the GMS.

2.       Dividends can only be paid according to the Company`s financial capability based on the decision taken in the GMS, in which decision must also be determined when the payment and dividend form take into account the applicable provisions on the Indonesia Stock Exchange where the Company`s shares are listed.

Dividends for one share must be paid to the person on whose behalf the shares are registered in the Register of Shareholders on working days to be determined by or at the authority of the GMS in which the decision to distribute dividends is taken.

Payment days must be announced by the Directors to all shareholders.
The Company is obliged to carry out cash dividend payments to entitled shareholders no later than 30 (thirty) days after the announcement of the summary of the minutes of the GMS which decides the distribution of cash dividends.

Article 20 paragraph 4 applies mutatis mutandis to the announcement.

3.       Taking into account the Company`s revenue for the fiscal year concerned from net income as  mentioned in the statement of financial position and statement of comprehensive income which has been approved by the Annual GMS and after deduction of Income Tax, a tantieme can be given to members of the Directors and Board of Commissioners of the Company, the amount of which is determined by the GMS.

4.       If the calculation of profit and loss in a financial year shows a loss that cannot be covered with reserve funds, then the loss will still be recorded and included in the calculation of profit and loss and in the next financial year the Company is considered to have no profit as long as the loss is recorded and included in the profit calculation the loss is not yet completely covered.

5.       The Company can distribute Interim Dividends based on the decision of the Board of Directors Meeting with the approval of the Board of Commissioners and the decision must be reported in the next Annual GMS.

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