Corporate Social Responsibilities
Corporate Social Responsibilities

Environmental Aspect

The Company always gets the participation of its employees and the community groups in its nature and environmental preservation efforts, which are started from small things, such as reusing papers which are still reusable for internal purposes. The Company also implements policies, such as monitoring to ensure efficient use of electric energy beyond work activities and efficient use of water.

The Company also often performs environmentally friendly program such as recycling, especially the use of recycled bobbins/polyester product`s packaging, recycling of used oil, and waste water treatment technology to treat water of production process.

The Company consistently performs social actions on environment, especially for the environment surrounding the Company.  The Company`s participation in the Program of Performance Rating in Environmental Management ("PROPER") in 2015 which was organized by the Ministry of Environment is also a clear evidence of our commitment to the environment. The achievement is Blue Rating.


Employment Practices Aspect

Social responsibility in terms of employment is the recruitment of the local community. Enactment of remuneration is in accordance with the position provisions in the Company, by following the applicable rules about minimum wages in each plant, especially for the plant operator level.

One of the employment responsibilities to employees who have joined the Company is the existence of Knowledge Center of as a center of employees’ competence development. Developed competences include soft skills such as leadership, motivation, etc; and hard skills or technical ability.

Attention in the field of occupational safety are also not spared given by the Company with regular training on K3 (OHS/Occupational Health and Safety) and the establishment of P2K3 (Committee of Occupational Health and Safety).

Other responsibilities are organizing a conducive working atmosphere and good industrial relations.


Social and Community Development Aspect

In the religious field, the Company performs breaking fast, religious gatherings, Eid gifts delivery to employees and the surrounding community, as well as collective Christmas celebration, which become annual events of the Company. Visits and assistance to orphanages are also routinely performed by the Company.

Employee family empowerment activities developed through Culinary Bazaar. With the implementation of this bazaar encourages employees’ wife or family to participate, the expectation is it can be continued after the implementation of the bazaar.

Concern in the field of education is shown by Company with scholarships to employees’ children who excel.


Product Responsibility Aspect

The Company realizes that one of the success key of the Company is the customer’s satisfaction and trust. Therefore, in performing its operational processes, the Company implements a quality management system and an integrated environment with strict standards.

The actualization is through the application of Standard Operating Procedure supervised by the Internal Audit and External Audit. Company implements ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems.

As a commitment to the customer’s responsibility, Company formed a special team to provide after-sales services include consultation and follow-up on complaints or claims of customers. The team called the Technical Steering Committee (TSC).