Human Resources
Human Resources

Human Resources are one of the primary key of Polychem Indonesia global growth strategy and a main priority in the guest for international quality performance.

Producing superior product and services is a long tradition of PT. Polychem Indonesia Tbk. To ensure that the Company`s human resources are guided by the “Gajah Spirit”, a working philosophy which is consist of five elements: Pioneering, Prudence, Pride of Workmanship, Customer Commitment and Loyalty. At the end of 2015, the company employed 1.546 people (excluding its subsidiary), 6.36% less than compare to 1.651 people in 2014.


Investing in human resources development through education is as important as investing in latest technology. Being aware with that fact, the Company regularly sends its employees to the training programs, technical courses and seminars held in Indonesia and overseas. These efforts were done to alter the employees knowledge and skills in order to improve the overall Companys performance.

Many of Companys employees are graduated from Politeknik Gajah Tunggal, a three year vocational training school located adjacent to the Companys nylon and tire cord production facilities. Politeknik Gajah Tunggal provides grants to selected and qualified high school graduates to participate in its curriculum.