Whistleblowing System
Whistleblowing System

Mechanisms for whistleblowing take place to maintain the reputation and trust of stakeholders to the Company. Complaints and recording systems that are part of this mechanism is done through communication to the Board of Directors. This communication is carried out in two directions, and held consistently in each work unit of the Company. Reporting can be done orally or in writing.

●    Protection warranty  for whistleblowers

The Company shall provide for the protection and guarantee for confidentiality of whistleblower identity. Related topics to whistleblower are well documented and should only be known by the President Director or the Head of Internal Audit and President Commissioner or the Audit Committee. In this case, the party who received complaints is the responsible party for the follow-up of whistleblowing report.

●    Handling of whistleblowing

  1. In the reporting of a violation must be made in good faith, not for personal gain or revenge.
  2. Prioritize the benefits for common interests of the Company and stakeholders

Whistleblower makes a complaint/disclosure and sends to the President Director or head of the Internal Audit (if reported in addition to the Board of Directors)

●    Parties who manage the whistleblowing report

  1. President Director if the defendant is in addition to the Board of Directors,
  2. The Board of Commissioners if the defendant is the Board of Directors,
  3. President Director if the defendant is Board of Commissioners.

●    Results on the handling of whistleblowing report

The whole process of investigation into the complaint or disclosure shall be made in the official report and signed by the all parties who involved in the investigation process.