Ethical Code
Ethical Code

The Company has an ethical standard which is a set of commitments consisting of Business Ethics and Work Ethics.

Business Ethics

Business Ethics is a standard of behavior or guiding principles of the company and serves as a basis for all parts of the organization to conduct all business activities of the company.

Polychem`s Business Ethics include being a pioneer of success for Indonesian and Indonesian Polychem, the precautionary principle and pride in their own work to become trusted partners, and customer loyalty and commitment to ensuring customer success.


Work Ethics

Company work ethic which guides all employees in performing tasks for and behalf of the company or interacts with all parts of the organization of the Company.

Polychem`s work ethics include maintaining discipline, integrity and honesty, not doing acts that violate the norms of decency, order and applicable law, maintaining a conducive working atmosphere and good working relationships, maintaining and maintaining all the assets of the Company, maintaining the security and confidentiality of work , Commitment to the environment, Prohibition of conducting gratification activities, Prohibition of practicing insider trading, Prohibition of doing practical politics within the Company.


Scope and Target of Enforcement

The code of conduct applies to all Directors, commissioners and Employees of the Company. Company`s  code of conduct must be  followed, understood and implemented as  a reference in interacting either inside or outside the company.


Type of Socialization and Sanction

Type of socialization for code of conduct is through socialization and actualization of the ethical values into the Company`s Rules of conduct on the company Regulations and Collective Labor Agreements. Sanction of  violation towards the code of conduct that has been stated in the company`s order is followed by administration of oral or written reprimand to the  implementation of the suspension and termination of employment.