Ethical Code
Ethical Code

●     Principles of the Company’s ethical codes

Ethical Codes Policy of PT Polychem Indonesia Tbk. consists of Business Ethics and Work Ethics.

Business Ethics recorded as Polychem’s Guiding Principles which we can describe as follows:

  1. Being a pioneer of success for Polychem Indonesia and Indonesia
  2. The prudential principle and pride in the own result work to be a reliable partner
  3. Customer loyalty and commitment to ensure customer success

While the Polychem’s Work Ethics are:

  1. Maintaining the discipline, integrity, and honesty
  2. Do not do anything that violates the norms of decency, work regulation, and applicable law
  3. Maintaining a conducive working atmosphere and a good working relationship
  4. Keeping and maintaining all the assets of the Company
  5. Maintaining the security and confidentiality of the work
  6. Commitment to the environment
  7. Prohibition of conducting gratification
  8. Prohibition on the practice of insider trading
  9. Prohibition on practical politics within the Company

●    Scope and the implementation target of ethical codes

Company’s Ethical Code applies to the Board of Commissioner, the Board of Directors and employees of the Company in performing each of business ethics and work. Company’s Ethical Code must be understood and must be implemented by every part of the organization of the Company.

●   Communicating and upholding Codes of Ethics

The codes of ethics, especially the work ethics, are communicated though socialization and actualization of the ethical values in the Company Rules in the form of Company Regulations and Collective Labor Agreement.

The actions taken in relation to any violation of the Company Rules include the giving of oral or written warning, suspension and even termination of employment.