example1   Indonesia Inspire & Best Company Award 2013

The Company received the Indonesia Inspire & Best Company Award 2013 in the category of "The Best Textile Company of the Year" at the Gala Winner event held by PT Sembilan Bersama Media in collaboration with Indonesia Inspire Magazine at Le Meredien Hotel, Friday December 20, 2013.

The Indonesia Inspire Award & Best Company Award 2013 is an appreciation to the performance of the Company, individuals and institutions that are able to provide well-being and inspiration to their surrounding communities. This award is a very effective form of appreciation to motivate and grow the creativity of its recipient. 

example1   Indonesia Best Companies 2012

Taking place at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jakarta, on Wednesday November 28, 2012, the Company received an award as the best Company in 2012 from Warta Ekonomi Magazine for the category of “The Biggest Growing Profitable in Basic Materials Company” in the event of Appreciation for Indonesia Best Companies 2012.

example1   The Best Listed 2012

In May 9, 2012 the Company won award from Investor Magazine as The Best Listed Company Year 2012 in Textile and Garment sector.

example1   Primaniyarta 2008

For its achievement, the Company in December 2008 won a Primaniyarta Award from the National Agency for Export Development, Ministry of Trade, Republic of Indonesia, for the category of “High Performance Exporter”.