example1   New Standard 100 with the Label of Oeko Tex

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is an independent product label for all types of textile tested for hazardous materials – from the yarn and fabric to ready-made goods. In January 2018, all companies have to use the new STANDARD 100 label template for the purpose of any communication, including ready-made product labeling.

example1   Proper Blue Rating

PT Polychem Indonesia Tbk. - Merak Plant awarded the Implementation of Corporate Performance Rating Program (PROPER) with Blue Rating for the fourth time.

example1   Environmentally Friendly Companies

PT Polychem Indonesia Tbk. - Merak Plant was awarded as an environmentally friendly company with a good predicate in 2017.

example1   Property Tax

PT Polychem Indonesia Tbk. - Merak Plant receives an Award Certificate for Taxes and Earth and Building Payments of 2017 on time.

example1   Appreciation of Properda Blue Rating Plant Karawang

On December 15, 2015 to 151 companies in West Java. PT Polychem Indonesia Tbk got positive performance in Environmental Management for 2015-2016 period.

Properda - Blue Rating which had received by Company, is dear evidence from Company, to keep the commitment  and  review  environmental  quality standard which defined by Ministry of Environment and forest.

example1   Eco-Friendly Company

PT Polychem Indonesia Tbk received an award from the Regent of Serang, as an Eco-Friendly Company with Good Category, on the efforts that have been implemented by the Company in the Environmental Management.