Polychem in Brief
Polychem in Brief

Polychem is a company primarily engaged in two divisions: Polyester and Chemical divisions. Our main priority is the quality of the product. Process activities licensed by the worlds leading technology which are Scientific Design Inc., USA for the production of Ethylene Oxide, Ethylene Glycol, and ethoxylates; Zimmer AG, Germany for the production of Polyester and Nylon. The other leading world-class license, Nippon Zeon Co., Ltd. of Japan gave us a license for the production of SBR.

Polyester production capacity owned by the Company amounted to 194,400 tons per year of polymer/polymer seed, 43,200 tons per year of polyester yarn, 86,400 tons per year of polyester fiber and 21,600 tons per year drawn textured yarn.

As for the Chemicals division, the second unit of the plant Ethylene Glycol (EG) The Company adopts the technology of Scientific Design Co. Inc., USA and has a total annual production capacity of 216,000 tons. Ethoxylate production facility which is owned by the Company has a production capacity of 80,000 tons per year.

The Company has been marketing its products to many countries in Asia, Middle East, USA, Canada and Latin America. The Company has also penetrated the European and African markets.

With the support of 1,651 highly skilled employees who are reliable and supportive, Polychem is confident can be competitive and be able to maintain its dominant position in Indonesia.